Q & A

1. Why do you need this workshop?
Ans: This workshop helps you to:
 Increase the quality of life.
 Raise your confidence and consciousness to the next level.
 Enhance your awareness.


2. I am leading a Quality of life, then what is the need for this workshop?
Ans: You will connect with the unveiled qualities and talents within you to make yourself successful
in all aspects of life.

3. I am leading a successful life, then why for me?
Ans: As you deserve the best, RYS increases the horizon which aligns with your purpose that
enhances capabilities for magnificently creating life.


4. What is the purpose of the workshop?
Ans: To make every individual understand that life is SIMPLE and we humans are making it

L - LIFE of


5. What is the agenda of the workshop?
Ans: To connect with yourself and the universe through the heart. The heart has 60 times stronger
electromagnetic field in the body than the brain. Unlike your mind, the heart is not restricted by
common fears and limiting beliefs. It knows how and what to manifest in life. Your heart expresses
and guides through emotions, instincts, intuition, or “gut feeling” if you are aligned with it.


6. What inspired you to conduct this workshop?
Ans: Looking at the current stress levels, pandemic, unknown calamities, we understood that the
survival of humanity is at stake. These uncertainties exist now and then, distracting individuals from
their goals leading to a chaotic life.
When we introspected for the root cause, everyone is searching for something outside which is non-
existent. To discover the true potential, one needs to travel within and understand the centre source
of energy is the heart.


7. Can RYS change my life?
Ans: Sadguru says, “The only real purpose of life is to explore it in its fullest depth & dimension”. RYS
helps to achieve it.


8. What are the benefits of the workshop?
Ans: Below are the benefits of the RYS workshop:
1. You will connect with your heart energy which helps to manifest what is important in life.
2. You will get to know your life purpose. Once you are aligned to it, you will be more
focused and can reach your goals efficiently and smoothly.
3. Your performance will be enhanced.
4. You will create a positive environment despite the circumstances in your life, which
glorifies your interpersonal relationships.
5. You will manifest abundance in all forms (health, wealth, harmony, peace, joy, bliss,
wonderment and so on).
6. You will release the limiting beliefs, known and unknown fears.
7. A new YOU will be emerged by the end of this workshop.
8. You will unveil your true potential.
9. Enhance inner and outer beauty.


9. What is life purpose?
Ans: Life purpose means a unifying theme or idea which glorifies your key goals in life. Knowing and
aligning yourselves with purpose can make a great transformation in terms of physical, emotional
and mental health.


10. How much time should I spend daily during these 45 days?
Ans: 15-20 mins of your committed time.


11. What is the price of the workshop?
Ans: Total price of the workshop – Rs. 5,900/-(including GST).
Breakup: Registration Fee – Rs. 1000/-, Workshop fee – Rs. 5000/- and GST – 900/-.


12. What is included in the price of the workshop?
Over 45 days:
3 Webinars
6 Videos
12 Audios
Lastly, you have a surprise bonus at the end of the workshop.


13. Why is it that price?
Ans: Every penny you are paying for this webinar will add 100% value to your life.


14. What if I don’t do anything for a week?
Ans: You need to enrol yourself for the next workshop by paying the registration fee. As there will be
a disconnect in the energies, flow and structure of the workshop.


15. My life is going well, then why should I attend this workshop?
Ans: I appreciate you are doing well in your life.
Ask yourself a question - Could you sense messages which your heart tries to communicate with
you? If not this is the workshop for you!!! You deserve more and more, you are worthy. As the heart
centre has the 60% strongest electromagnetic field in the body than the brain, which helps you to
create the blueprint of your life.


16. In my life, I have always seen only low even though I have attended many workshops, so how
will this workshop ensure my benefits?

Ans: With immense research and experience every task you take up in this workshop for 45 days,
will help you to achieve all benefits to the fullest.


17. I have not heard/believed about any energy work; how will I be able to attend this workshop?
Ans: Even though we don’t see the air we breathe which is prana shakti, still we breathe the air for
our existence. Similarly, we work with the heart energy to move forward in life.


18. What is the minimum age and who should attend?
Ans: Any individual aged 15+ and who are committed to their transformation are eligible.


19. What are the requirements for webinar?
Ans: A silent space, ZOOM application either on Laptop or Mobile, a notepad & a pen.

20. What if I don’t show up for a webinar?
Ans: Attending all sessions of the workshop is mandatory. In case if you miss the webinar, then the
recording of the particular session will be provided which is valid for a short time.


21. Will there be time to speak directly with the instructor when I am at the workshop?
Ans: Yes, your questions will be addressed during the Q & A time of the workshop.


22. What language is the course taught in?
Ans: As of now the main modules completely runs in English or Telugu. If you have queries you can
communicate in Tamil, Kannada or Hindi.


23. Do you suggest any books for reading during this workshop?
Ans: Yes. The quality of your life will be predicted by the books you read, hence we will suggest
accordingly in the process.


24. What therapy techniques are involved in this workshop?
Ans: The holistic wellness techniques such as Hypnotherapy, Law of Attraction, NLP and Sound
Healing are used for the benefits of participants.


25. Is this workshop related to science or spirituality?
Ans: In this modern world both science and spirituality play a prominent role. To understand in and
out of oneself both the elements are required to see a transformation of everyone. Hence, it’s a
combination of both.

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