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Get to Know Key2Abundance & The Team

Key2Abundance provides wholesome services such as Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Sound Healing, Methods of Memory Enhancement and many more that contribute to a resilient attitude in life.


Be a one stop solution for all people’s health and happiness needs with worlds best alternative therapies.


To provide training, coaching & healing sessions for young professionals to live a life of excellence.



Kamakshi P - Clairvoyant, Holistic Healer, Hypnotherapist, LOA Trainer, Life Coach & Relationship Expert.


Kamakshi is an energetic, effective and committed leader. She is a well-respected individual who naturally inspires people toward achieving their best. She automatically sees the big picture and offers innovative ideas, new and different solutions to challenges. She has a gentle outgoing and friendly nature. She is motivated to cause good growth and gain in the lives of others.

Kamakshi helps people release the blockages in order to live a healthy physical, productive, mental, emotional and spiritual life. She teaches people how to release limiting programmed beliefs, affirm new self-loving ones and consciously co-create a life of empowerment, vitality, success and love.

Kamakshi loves connecting with people to help them discover their true gifts and who they really are. She sees the beauty and perfection in everything and everyone.


Health, Movement, Wellbeing


She believes in the power of consciousness and oneness. By combining various modes of healing with the concept of oneness she facilitated a beautiful life for many individuals.

Kamaskhi’s mission is to spread vegetarianism, world peace, healthy life through meditation and healing with her own techniques which are blend of all learning.

She aspires to spread her knowledge of hypnotherapy all over the world, and make
more people aware about this simple and beautiful techniques to positively change their lives. Her passion is to help all individuals evolve to this point of awareness and wisdom.

Kamakshi’s life purpose is to sprout pyramid knowledge and spread pyramid energies through out the world. Her work is specifically dedicated to divulge health, healing, growth, self-reliance, transformation, change and empowerment among the masses, that everyone understands their true nature of purity and live their lives from a state of pure joy, love and wisdom.